BBA+MBA Integrated

  • The School of Management is a prominent field that is renowned for its curriculum that emphasises industry and technology, its interactive, hands-on pedagogy, and its intense industry involvement, which involves the training of both domestic and foreign business professionals. Thanks to a diverse campus and a multicultural setting overflowing with student activities, graduates develop holistically and are prepared for prosperous entrepreneurship and careers overseas.
  • The School of Management is concerned with more than just business management education. The commitment is to provide thought leadership with a thorough understanding of business. Fieldwork, case studies, research, and instrumented feedback are components of the pedagogy, with a great reliance on both theory and concepts.
  • As a school of management, we begin preparing our students to deal with the stress of competitiveness. Human behaviour, organisational psychology and behaviour, human resource management, economics, quantitative methods, finance & accounts, marketing, production & operations, and information technology are all covered in our education. Students are given numerous opportunities to cultivate creativity and capitalise on innovations in the workplace culture. Visits from corporate and academic personnel are part of our curriculum to inform students about corporate needs and the most recent developments in theory. Industrial visits and trainings are planned to infuse in them the challenges of corporate work and culture.
  • The absence of interpersonal skills and ethics results in numerous issues in our day-to-day work, which worsens over time. As a result, students are given special attention to embed these so that they can meet the expectations of customers, organisations, and society in a sustainable way and add value to their jobs.
  • Management professionals work in all kinds of departments and business areas around the world. Their strong understanding of the business environment and the inner workings of business processes make them strong leaders in any department, agency or organization. With the right training and networking, these leaders can practically choose the areas in which they thrive.
  • Each career and educational concentration open new doors in business, from corporate giants to local businesses. Businesses everywhere are looking for leaders with knowledge, understanding and ethics to fill critical positions in HR and Services, Accounting, Business, Finance, International Relations and more.
  • After graduating from management, the student is well prepared to work as a company employee or entrepreneur. A management degree can improve your career prospects, and in many industries, a management degree gives you a competitive advantage. On the other hand, if a student decides to start his own business, he can run it successfully and professionally without having to pay expert marketing consultants. Management has become a sought-after course in recent years due to its career opportunities that can be chosen after completing the course. From marketing to advertising and even finance, there are great career options. The demand for management graduates in consulting positions is constantly high, because they have the ability to analyse what suits the client best.

Some Employment Options in Management are:

  • General Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Insurance
  • Public Relations
  • Retail Management
  • Team Management & Leadership
  • Telecom
  • Advertising
  • Banking/Finance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Digital Marketing & Transformation
  • E-Commerce
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Management Consultancy
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Market Research
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Finance Manager
  • Chief Executive
  • Business Analyst
  • Operation Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relation Manager
  • Management Consultant