• The School of Design offers students an unparalleled introduction to the fast-paced, creative, and energetic fashion industry. The fashion education in this program is designed to nurture creativity while providing a strong foundation in the practical and technical skills necessary for career success. Our close relationships with industry allow students to immerse themselves in this rapidly changing industry and expose them to the real demands and practices of the fashion world, preparing students for success at all levels, from haute couture to ready-to-wear.
  • We have experienced and professional trainers in fashion design. We offer top-notch fashion design courses with cutting-edge curricula, allowing students to learn and explore more technical and creative skills to design spaces with their expertise. We are a young and dynamic world, and we understand this predicament very well. For this reason, our curriculum is designed to help students do their best and reach their full potential. We understand that every student is different, so we have created a curriculum that considers the different needs of our students. We want to awaken latent passion and enthusiasm in our students. We believe that a little nudge can bring our students to the best of their ability. And we believe we are the right institution for this.
  • Fashion design careers are now recognized as one of the highest paying industries and have become famous among creative minds. Widely known as an attractive field, this domain presents fierce competition and significant challenges. However, there is a wide range of fashion design in India and abroad.
  • Students have countless opportunities after completing a fashion design degree. There are many opportunities for fashion designers, including design, research, fabric making, and textile design. You can join a fashion house/production/export sector for a paid job or start your own label. The horizon of fashion design is not limited to clothes. It also covers other aspects such as accessories, jewellery, and shoes.
  • School of Fashion offers courses to prepare the next generation of fashion designers, stylists, buyers, journalists, and design managers. This program prepares you to be a successful designer and developer of fashion products, able to explore and harness cutting-edge technology and aesthetics in clothing and textiles.
  • Our strategic business partnerships support local and global business. Students benefit from our links with industry and so does the industry. In Design, we teach to combine heritage and radical thinking. Craftsmanship and new technology. Design - and deep design research. We teach innovative ideas first - and then innovative practices to implement them.
  • A career in fashion and interior design means opportunities, fame, and big money. It also means explosive growth, trendy styles and all kinds of glitz, glamour, glamour, creativity, and innovation. Today, aspiring designers have many options.

Some Employment Options in Design are:

  • Graphic designer
  • User experience (UX) designer
  • User interface (UI) designer
  • Photographer Interior designer
  • Multimedia artist & animator
  • Art director
  • Advertising & promotions manager
  • Fashion designer
  • Film & video editor
  • Interior designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Video game designer
  • Product Designer
  • Surface Designer
  • Vehicle and Transportation Designer