Mr. Chinmoy Davara

  • It gives me great honour to welcome you into the Davara family. The Shri Davara University staff is like family to our pupils because they spend so much time there.
  • The university's faculty is dedicated to giving each student the finest learning opportunity possible in order to bring out the best in them. We genuinely care about our students and think that when they observe us acting with decency and showing concern for everyone around us, they will acquire respect.
  • As the adage goes, "It takes a village to raise a child," we will continue to collaborate with all our parents and kids to make Shri Davara University a loving, secure, and rich learning environment where our students have the time and freedom to learn, dream, explore, experiment, and grow. Please feel free to approach and speak with your professors and mentors; let us know how we can improve your university experience and make it more rewarding for you. I hope you have many lovely moments and delight in the days to come. I wish you and your loved ones continued health, happiness, and blessings.